Installation Guide

In this guide we will be showing you how simple and easy it is to install Murano Stone at your place depending on the wall type installed on:

The tools you will need:

- Rubber hammer
- Whisk broom to clean the spaces between the stones
- Container for mixing (mortar tray or a wheelbarrow),
- Margin trowel
- Skill saw or stone cutter to trim stones to fit, a masonry hatchet or a wet tile saw.
- Hock and trowel
- Dust mask
- Safety glasses


Estimate the amount of stone and mortar you will need using this formula:
Wall area = length x height of the wall
Window area = window length x window height
Wall area covered by corners = linear feet of wall corner x .75
Square footage required = wall area - window area - wall area covered by corners

After estimating the amount of stone needed, stone installation will be as the following depending on the wall surface:

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Installation General Steps